Are you ready to mend?

Have you been admiring all of the beautiful visible mending? Are you ready to start your mending project right now?

I can help you out right now!

Let's go!

Thanks so much Erin - I had a lot of fun! You are a great teacher - patient, engaged and easy to follow. Often I have taken craft classes and been intimidated - this felt like a friend showing me how to do what she loves!

Loved the closeups of your materials, your hands stitching, etc. VERY helpful! 

Made for a lovely afternoon. Much appreciation for your generosity in sharing your talent.

thank you so much for your excellent workshop! I think it was just the thing I needed to get me started. Your instruction was very clear and was filled with very useful information 

 I really did enjoy the class and appreciated your careful and thorough instructions, and actually found it easier to follow along than I had anticipated.

I have a HUGE bag of repairs I've been wanting to take care of and am excited to dive in and see what I can make of them.